A Night in a Church

I hope all of you have been enjoying life since I wrote my last blog.

I am going to fill you in on what I have been doing these past two weeks. It hasn’t been much, and maybe not all that exciting, but I still hope you enjoy it.

1 - Voyage pour aller au Camp Meeting dans l'état du Washington (62)

We have been slowly building an outhouse by timber framing. It is really hard work, and we have been using really old tools, tools that are over 150 years old, sometimes older! It is fun to see how the old pioneers built and made their homes.

7 Ganado, Gallup Arizona, New Mexico - May 25, 2015

We have also been planting trees in our little orchard corral. They had already built the fence around it so the animals (like deer) don’t come in.


We planted the trees in a really unique way as well. The guys dug a hole 2 ½ feet deep, put a fence in the hole so the gophers and other creatures don’t go in and destroy the trees from underneath.


Then we mixed some soil and other minerals together (which I can’t remember what they are); we mixed that up with compost leaves, goat manure, and dirt. We filled the hole ⅓rd of the way……but first we put 5-7 tin cans in the hole. We pinched the ends of each end of the cans; it gives the tree room to breathe. After the dirt mixture, we put 5-7 rocks on the dirt, then more dirt to cover it, then we put one huge rock down, then we put the tree on that facing north so the tree doesn’t get sunburned. We put more dirt on top of that until the tree was covered.


Then we put a quart of ocean water on the tree and watered the trees with 20 gallons of water. Now we wait for the little trees to grow. They should be at their fullest in 3 years and producing fruit.


Last Friday, one of the other girls, the pastor and his wife, and I, went to our sister church (about 2 ½ hours away) to hear the pastor there, who is our pastor’s brother. It was about 10 degrees hotter there…. it actually got up to 108º !!!

1 - Voyage pour aller au Camp Meeting dans l'état du Washington (54)

We did some grocery shopping before we went to the church. We had fruit ice cream for supper; we used the champion juicer and put just frozen fruit in it and it was really delicious. We appreciated it too because of the heat!


We spent that night at the church; it was quite stifling and really hard to go to sleep but it was quite an interesting experience to sleep inside a church. Although I didn’t get much sleep; I think it is an interesting story to share.

1 - Voyage pour aller au Camp Meeting dans l'état du Washington (23)

I was able to do a special music for the divine service and Sabbath afternoon we did a Bible study. The Lord was with us and it was truly a blessed Sabbath. It is wonderful to serve the Lord in any way that I can. 🙂


We have also been setting up two new tents here. We are going to be making those into our classrooms, as well as a lounge room for us young people. The two existing tents we are making into a kitchen and dining room.


This may seem mundane to you; but I truly hope that you find some of these things a little bit fascinating.


I have to say, I’m enjoying this rough way of living life, and learning how to survive on the simplest of things. Though I must admit, I will be very thankful for a washing machine again! I think my hands are getting stronger and I’m not finding it as difficult as I did in the beginning. I believe my muscles are getting stronger as well and I have to admit I like that!


Well, until something new happens on this end of the world, I hope you enjoy your life and go make some adventures of your own. 🙂

11665556_1096467320367390_1562230235931137693_nSneak peak for next weeks blog…

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4 thoughts on “A Night in a Church”

  1. Kaila, I just love to hear your stories. They aren’t boring to me at all! May our Lord continue to richly bless you & take care of you & the others you are with..love you..

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