The Masterpiece

I have read this story many times, and now it is time for my version, what you are about to read may seem familiar to you, but it is in my own words.

This is a conversation I picture having with the Lord, and you can use many different things such as sewing, diamonds before they are shining, or other things, think of something that makes you think and picture yourself having this same conversation with Jesus.


I picture myself going up to Jesus and He is painting a picture, to me it seems all dark and dreary, and from my vantage point the painting seems to be in all dull, dark colors.  I asked Him why He would make such a painting, when there was so many other colors that were vibrant that He could use and who the painting was for? He told me that this painting was a representation of my life, and that He was putting it together to make a beautiful masterpiece, that once He was done I would be able to see how beautiful it truly was.


“That, a masterpiece?!” I asked in astonishment, “How could all those dark colors become a beautiful masterpiece?”


He said, “My child, you only see one side, but the side that I am working on, the side that you do not see, is very beautiful to behold!”

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I cautiously asked, “Well then, do you think that I may see the side on which you are working on?”

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He answered, “Not yet, for your life is just begun, you cannot see this masterpiece until it is finished. I cannot show it to you until you have come to live with me. When I come back to earth and take you and everyone else who follows me, home, then I can show you what it looks like.”

When I look at the dark moments of my life, I don’t see very many colorful spots, oh sure there are some, but when I think of all the times that I have failed the Lord it seems that the darkness is more than the color. I mentioned this to Jesus, and He smiled and told me, “Remember, when you see this someday, you will have no regrets as to how it is made.”


Sometimes I still don’t always understand why I am faced with certain darkness in my life, but I have to remember Who holds the canvas of my life. And I have to remember that when I see the finished product, that I wouldn’t change a single dark spot of my life, for, without that color, the picture wouldn’t be the same. And sometimes even though I don’t understand, it is those dark colors that adds volumes to the masterpiece, it makes the colorful moments pop out even more.

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Someday I will be able to see the finished masterpiece of my life, but for now I am content to trust Him with  what is best for my life. But you too have a masterpiece that God is working on, and it may seem like a lot of tangled dark moments, but when He turns the masterpiece (your life) around, you wouldn’t want to change a thing!

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Sometimes I think that Jesus should use a different color or different shade, but He tells me that He knows what He is doing. You too might feel like that sometimes, like He has thrown to many obstacles in your life, I know, because that is how I feel too sometimes. But all we have to do is to trust Him with everything, and not to be afraid to go to Him about everything. After all isn’t Jesus the One who made us to begin with?

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It is hard to let go, because we think we know what is best, when in all actual reality it is through our own errors that make us go through the dark moments; most of the time. We forget that we have an advocate in heaven who is right there with us. Time is getting short and we don’t have time to sit around waiting for something to happen. If we want our lives to change for the better than we have to be willing to make those changes. The Lord isn’t going to force us to do anything. After all an artist paints what he sees.

It is up to us to go to Jesus and with His help our lives will be more like His life. Then when we do get to heaven we will be glad for all those things that dark moments that lead you straight into the Savior’s arms. We must go to Him now for there is coming a time when we will only have what is hidden in our heart. “For where your treasure is there your heart will be also.” Matthew 6:21; read also 33. We have to be concerned about the choices we make because we do have to make a decision, and those choices we make decides who we shall become, and what kind of picture we display. Whether it be good or evil, yes we do need to trust the Lord but we must do our part as well.

I’m willing to have Jesus take control of my life, are you?

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