The White Stone…

After all the trials and tribulations are over and we have traveled the 7 days to get to heaven, and we see the glory of the heavenly city we will want to fall on our knees and praise the Lord. I can only imagine what it will be like, but even then it will surpass anything that I could ever think of.

When we are there what a day that will be! Talk about a surreal moment that will be a great day. When we shall see the King, our King in His glory!! He will give us crowns, and a mansion in which to live, and white robes to wear, and a harp for us to praise Him with. He will wipe away our tears, and there will be no death there! But that is not all that Jesus will give and do for us.

To each one of us will be given a small white stone, and on each of them is written something different, not one stone says the same thing. This white stone is signifying several things, first its color, it is white which stands for purity, those who were pure when sin was all around them, they made it through because they made Christ their anchor. Another thing is that it is a rock, which represents Jesus the chief cornerstone on whom we built a firm foundation on.

Revelation 2: 17 – He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna, and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it.

That text says it all, when we receive this beautiful white stone and look at it a new name will appear. A name that only we get, because everything about our old lives have been done away with. I can imagine we get this new name based on a number of things. First the experiences that we went through and souls that we have touched because of our witness. Also the name that the Lord gives to us is special because He knows exactly what we would like and when we see it we will be so happy.

I’m super curious to know what is going to be on my white stone. I want to be in heaven with Jesus more than anything, but in order to get there, there is a lot in my life that I must give up and change. I am not perfect and there is always something to improve. There are many traps and temptations out there and sometimes I get stuck on something for awhile. Just like anybody else I make mistakes, but that is the wonderful thing about salvation.

If we truly repent of our sins and come to Jesus for help, He will help us to overcome. Jesus will remove the desire from our hearts, or help us to be more patient, kind, loving, or whatever it is, even if it is all of the above and let’s be honest, I want it to be all of the above because I want my life to reflect Christ’s.

I don’t want to do this because I just want the mansions or the perks and benefits that go along with it, if that is your motive then pray that the Lord changes your heart. The reason we should sacrifice and give up every worldly idol is because we love Jesus and want to be with Him forever, to have Jesus wipe away your sins and to give you a clean slate. If that isn’t enough for us then we truly don’t understand the love of God.

To receive the love of God is the most wonderful gift in the world. We have not because we ask not. Dark days are coming upon us when we will have to put everything on the line and have faith and trust in Jesus. If we don’t start now when everything is easy how are we going to be able to survive when our very lives are at stake?

When we ask for forgiveness and are truly sorry for the things that we have done, then we are a new creature in Christ! The old has passed away and the new is in it’s place. I think that is another reason we are going to get a new name in heaven because after awhile we won’t even remember our former lives here on this Earth. I mean after all who would want to remember all the sin and wickedness that took place, or remember all the bad things that you had done before you repented. Everyone will know you by a different name and you are the new person that you became when you turned your life over to Jesus.

It is the same when you move and go somewhere new, they don’t know you or your past they just get to know you for who you are. A new beginning is a wonderful thing, and we can have that every single day. Paul said that he died daily, which means that he put down his selfish desires and his own way every single day. We need to do that as well because if we don’t we won’t stand a chance against the temptations of Satan. That is why it is important to spend every single second of every single day in conversation with Jesus. If our minds are filled with things that are good and lovely there will be no time to think about the evil.

When Satan tries to stick his head back in our lives we will also be prepared because we have filled our minds with the Word of the Lord. Satan’s temptations won’t appeal to us because our minds are connected with Christ. Isn’t Jesus worth all the sacrifices that we make?

I think it is wonderful that Jesus is going to give each one of us a new name!  I for one can’t wait to get one, and I am praying that I do get one. I must stand firm in the Lord, please pray for me to continue on the pathway to righteousness, and I will pray for all of you.

God wrote it in stone to remind us that it will last forever! Once you write something in stone, you can not erase it! And some stones are so heavy you couldn’t break them. That is why God wrote the Ten Commandments on stone, and those stones were blue. Blue representing the law.

The world had tried to take God’s law out of it’s system, it still is for that matter. But God’s laws always rule over man’s law!

If we were to build our house on sand and a big storm were to arise, our house and everything we own, especially our lives could and would be lost. But we should build, no, we need to build our house on the rock but not just any rock but the Rock of Ages, Jesus. He is the chief cornerstone.

Now for those of you who might not know what a cornerstone is let me try and explain. When building anything a house, church, store, etc. People need a good foundation. The cornerstone was used as a main object to hold whatever they were building in place. So they needed a big, strong, and heavy stone for the foundation to be solid!

Throughout the Bible we find many mentions of stones and rocks and other things like that. A rock or pebble killed Goliath the giant. Moses was told to strike the rock for water and then another time he was instructed to speak to the rock. Thus symbolizing what would happen to Christ, first He must be stricken and killed, but when He rose all we need to do is go to Him and speak what we need and He will rescue us from the storm of life!

As you can see there are many instances in the Bible where it speaks of rocks. There are many more than I mentioned, why don’t you read about it? And then maybe tell your favorite story to someone!

Let us always have our future goal in mind, to be with Jesus forever! 🙂 And let us build our hearts upon the rock, Jesus. I want one of those white stones someday, don’t you? It isn’t easy, but then anything worth having never is, is it?


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