Everything I Do…

The stories of the Bible can come to life in our minds, I mean imagine being there from the very beginning, to witness the fall of the angels, see the Earth being made, the deceit of Satan at the tree of life. To witness everything first handed would be incredible, even now if we could lift the veil so that we can the angels, good and bad we would change our ways. There are so many lessons to be learned from each and every story. They all have lessons that we can take away and become a better person because of it.

Ellen White also helps bring the Bible to life in the Conflict of the Ages series, The Story of Redemption, & other of her books as well. I highly encourage you to read them for they are amazing. I remember when I first read those books, I felt as if I was there and was able to put myself in their shoes. Imagine if we could be there at the cross and see, I think that we would not so easily stumble into the traps that Satan has set out for us.

For example in Patriarchs and Prophets Samuel, when he was a little boy he would go about so cheerfully in the little duties. Ellen White says that if we were to look at our work as if Jesus commissioned us to do it, we would do it with more faithfulness (paraphrasing). Here is what she actually says.

It was not customary for the Levites to enter upon their peculiar services until they were twenty-five years of age, but Samuel had been an exception to this rule. Every year saw more important trusts committed to him; and while he was yet a child, a linen ephod was placed upon him as a token of his consecration to the work of the sanctuary. Young as he was when brought to minister in the tabernacle, Samuel had even then duties to perform in the service of God, according to his capacity. These were at first very humble, and not always pleasant; but they were performed to the best of his ability, and with a willing heart. His religion was carried into every duty of life. He regarded himself as God’s servant, and his work as God’s work. His efforts were accepted, because they were prompted by love to God and a sincere desire to do His will. It was thus that Samuel became a co-worker with the Lord of heaven and earth. And God fitted him to accomplish a great work for Israel. {PP 573.3}

If children were taught to regard the humble round of everyday duties as the course marked out for them by the Lord, as a school in which they were to be trained to render faithful and efficient service, how much more pleasant and honorable would their work appear. To perform every duty as unto the Lord, throws a charm around the humblest employment and links the workers on earth with the holy beings who do God’s will in heaven.  {PP 574.1}

We should do everything, even dishes, dusting, and whatever else you might do throughout the day, as you would do it for Jesus. I for one hate dusting, but it needs to be done so instead of groaning about I just do it, it helps make the job better, after all the more your attitude is bad the worse the job can get. Dishes are alright but you have to admit they are a job that never ends! But if I were to view it as job that Jesus gave me to do right now and by doing them I’m helping out not only myself but others and making the Lord happy then it won’t seem so bad. I find that singing while working helps, or thinking about different things, it makes it feel as if the job gets done faster.

You can also use that time to pray, and spending it with Jesus, it would make it even more special! We don’t pray enough in our lives, to have a conversation with the Lord, and have Him with you through everything you do, if we don’t do that now, or even want to do that now we will not want to be doing it in heaven either.

But there is something more to just seeing it as a job, it is seeing it through spiritual eye salve. Seeing it in a way you never thought of before. Not only should we keep in mind that we are doing the job for Jesus, but also that other worlds are looking on to see how we will act, or how well of a job we will do. Faithfulness in the little things. It also isn’t just for our own benefit, I mean after all if we let those things go where would we be? The world would be in a much worse condition then what it is today. If we left things and didn’t do them they would just pile up until there was more and more to do.

And another thing is, I believe the Lord is testing us. I mean if He gives us these little jobs to do and we can’t do them nice, clean, and right the first time, how can we expect the Lord to give us bigger responsibilities? It is in the little things that we are tested, and once we have overcome those, we get bigger challenges, bigger testing, but if we can’t keep up with the footman how can we expect to run with the chariots? Did you know that is a verse in the Bible? Look it up and see if you can find it. 🙂

You know there is a verse in the Bible that says, “Well done good and faithful servant.” How can we expect the Lord to say that to us, when we aren’t faithful in the little things. Ouch! That hurts, because I know that I’m not always careful about the little things!

But if we put Christ into everything that we or should I say everything that I do, maybe we will do the job with a new determination. After all we are looking on the job as if Jesus Himself told us to do that job! And if He asks us to do it, we know for sure that it is important!

I know it isn’t always easy, I mean look at Joseph, he did good in all the jobs that he was given and then he was raised to higher position, but with that higher position comes different forms of problems and temptations, just like Joseph had to deal with. Joseph did the right thing by saying no to Potiphar’s wife but he was still put in prison, but he didn’t complain. In fact he was helpful there to, to the point where the head of security gave Joseph a set of keys and Joseph helped with the other prisoners. We all know how that story ended up, where Joseph became the 2nd in command of all of Egypt.

Now I’m not saying that we are all going to be given that, but you never know, there may come a time when we do have to stand before Kings, and other high up people to defend our faith. Not all of us will, but there will be some of us who will be put in that situation, and if we aren’t doing what we can now, we won’t be able to stand during that time.

That is why it never gets boring re-reading the Bible stories, over and over again because they remind us of things we can easily forget. That is why we must learn from the mistakes of the past, if we don’t we are doomed to repeat it. There is coming a time that we won’t be able to change the mistakes that we have made. That time is fast approaching, now it is high time to awake out of sleep.

Take the time to study and pray, and don’t be afraid with God on your side, who can be against us? Everything we do has an effect upon us that is why we must serve the Lord in everything that we do. Even the smallest of things can have the biggest consequences. Our time is not our own, so therefore why do we continue to waste it?

I want to be faithful in the little things, don’t you?


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