Working for God

The first day that I got here, I just relaxed and took it easy, my mind seemed to be in a fog and it seemed to feel very heavy. So that day I just took it easy and just tried to take everything in.

View from the porch of the house that I am staying at.

The next day I went to work, we do different things every single day. The first day that I got here we did what is called door stepping; we place this catalogue of DVD’s talking about all different kinds of stuff, and put it on their door step or in their mail boxes (that is usually where we leave them). Already we have received some responses to that. Such as a camp for young people is interested in purchasing them to show to their young people instead of worldly secular movies, Praise God!

The porch out the back of the house!

The other thing we do is called door knocking. We go to houses and ask them if they would like a free DVD about why there is suffering in the world, after all isn’t there supposed to be a God out there? Some of people have taken them, for which I praise God. The DVD explains why God allows those bad things to happen.

The two cats that belong to the leader’s wife! 🙂

Than we visit people, such as the elderly, or those who feel sad and lonely, or those who are hurting. We help cheer up their day and bring a little love and laughter into their home.

Another thing we do is what I like to call a lending library. We give people some DVD’s to watch (the same ones in the catalogue) and lend it to them to watch, and then a week later we see if they are done watching it and we give them another one and they return the one they were given last week. The people that are on the list seem so appreciative of those DVD’s and I hope that by doing all of this there will be souls in the kingdom of heaven.

Another view from off the porch or one of the windows! 🙂

And finally, we pass out these health and wellness cards and go from door to door telling people that we offer a free health service and then if they call the number on the card we will help them with their health needs and put them on a better program for their diet, we also access their needs and also do hydrotherapy and message therapy upon them.

Once again the view, isn’t it beautiful!!!

We do all this stuff in the mornings; in the afternoon at 4 o’clock we have classes, we tell about our day and our different experiences we each have had. And then we learn something either a spiritual lesson or one dealing with health and how to treat people.

This is the view coming out the front door going to their driveway!

I praise the Lord for this opportunity to serve Him and to be a witness for Him. I also want to thank each of you once again for your continued prayers and support, both are much appreciated! 🙂

This is from off the side of the house.

Published by: Kaila

I want to go wherever my Saviour leads me, and want to do what He tells me. I am serving the Lord wherever He calls me to go. I laugh and smile very easily, and love to meet new people! The Lord has given me the talent of singing, and playing the flute. I love to play songs which glorify my Savior. A few of my other favorite things I like to do is; reading the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy, cooking, knitting, and I love to witness and share about Jesus! My character is moldable for His hands! If I don't get to meet you here on this earth, meet me in the heavenly kingdom! You can also check out my Facebook page Matthew 22: 14 - For many are called, but few are chosen. John 15:6 - Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it you. *~Kaila~*

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4 thoughts on “Working for God”

  1. You have some mistakes honey! See below in purple!

    Looks beautiful there made me cry reading about missing us and you and I love you so much!


  2. Looks beautiful there but more important what you are doing for the Lord is wonderful! We love and miss you lots! You are in our prayers constantly!

  3. Loved reading your blogs and it is wonderful to hear all that you are doing to bring others to know our beautiful Savior! ~Love your pics too! ~Keep up the good work, God will guide your steps ❤

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